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This section is about doing lessons to help you learn.

This is a completely FREE course.
There are 60 lessons of basic English grammar, which include 450
of the most commonly used words in the English language. They should
be read out loud and then repeated over and over again several times.

The idea is to imprint them onto your mind,
so that you cannot forget them.

The course is written in Question and Answer format. It will teach you how to form sentences in English, give you the necessary practice in speaking, and teach you the grammar, all at the same time.

Now you are ready to do the lessons...

Yes, this is a lot of hard work... but if you don't have a native English speaker to teach you, then you must learn the pronunciation of each word by yourself. This is absolutely essential to learning the language correctly.

There are exercises on the next page, with the answers given at the end. After you have completed each lesson, you should do the corresponding exercises. It is a good idea to write out any new vocabulary, (together with the translation) in an exercise book.

After you finish each lesson remember to do the corresponding English exercises ...

1. Greetings 2. Alphabet and Colours 3. Phonetics
4. Titles and Numbers 5.Telling the Time 6. Parts of Speech
7. Family File 8.Verb 'To Be' 9. Articles
10. Present Simple tense 11. Interrogatives 12. Prepositions of Place
13. Prepositions of Time 14. Possessives 15. Personal Pronouns
16. Plurals and Sentences 17. Adjectives A. 18. Adjectives B.
19. Determiners 20. Adverbs of Frequency 21. Adverbs of Time
22. Conjunctions & Interjections 23. Countable-Uncountable Nouns 24. Vocabulary, Grammar Review
25. Present Continuous 26. Comparatives & Superlatives 27. Past Simple Regular Verbs
28. Past Simple Irregular Verbs 29. Future Tense Complete 30. Verbs 'To Get' & 'To Keep'
31. Have vs. Have Got 32. Body Parts & Clothes 33. Present Perfect Simple
34. Modal Verbs A. 35. Modal Verbs B. 36. Vocabulary, Grammar Review
37. Past Continuous 38. Adverbs vs. Adjectives 39.1st Conditional Tense
40. 2nd & 3rd Conditional Tense 41. Infinitive & Gerunds 42. Indefinite Pronouns
43. Present Perfect Continuous 44. Vocabulary, Say,Tell, etc. 45. Direct & Indirect Speech
46. Question Tags 47. The Imperative Tense 48. Past Perfect Simple
49. Past Perfect Continuous 50. Future Perfect 51. Phrasal Verbs
52. Passive Voice 53. Relative Clauses 54. Active & Stative Verbs
55.Transitive & Intransitive Verbs 56. Whatever, Whoever, etc. 57. Confusing Vocabulary
58. Certainty Adverbs + Vocabulary 59. Punctuation 60. More Vocabulary
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